Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gathering Activity Info

We begin each class with a gathering activity.  It gives the little ones a chance to acclimate to the environment, moms a chance to get their materials put out for the activity they are hosting that day, and everyone just a chance to breath and ease into the morning.  AND of course, gives the moms running a couple of minutes late (because an independent 3 year old insisted on tying his shoes himself), a chance to make it before we start circle time.  

We try to offer a mixture of hands on activities and quiet activities.  Some little ones need a chance to warm up.  I always have a selection of books in a basket available for those wanting/needing some lap time with Mommy.  For those ready to jump right in to playing with friends, I have theme related puzzles or activities available.  Each lesson plan includes ideas for these activities.

I give a two minute warning when it is time to get ready for circle time, to allow them time to finish a book or activity they are working on.


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