Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rules for the Mommies

We have a special planning meeting with just the Mommies each year, before we begin.  It helps to lay out the ground rules and be up front about our expectations before there are any issues.  Because we have done this, there have never really been any issues.  The ground rules have stayed fairly consistent all four years. Here are our rules. Feel free to use them as a jumping off point for your group. Ask yourselves, "What rules do we want to make for ourselves?"

1-We will discipline our own child, and only our own child. 
2-We will maintain a positive attitude and make the class time a happy time.
3-We will not socialize with each other during class time.
4-We will stay child focused.
5-We will BE ON TIME!
6-We will leave our cell phones turned off, unless there is a medical reason to have them on.
7-When we have concerns; we will speak to one another about them at an appropriate place and time, and not allow them to fester.
8-We will contribute to the success of the program, and take turns providing materials.
9-We will keep our contagious children at home.
10-We will make sure that we leave our hostess’ home in better shape than we found it.


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