Sunday, June 6, 2010


Each week we play games that relate to our story.  Often we are just acting out a part of the story or pretending to be a character from the book.  Sometimes we are practicing a specific skill.  (Throwing, hopping, pedaling, pincher grasp).  We try to have a good mixture of gross motor activities and fine motor activities.  We often repeat successful activities with a little twist.  One week you might see us throwing fishy beanbags and the next week throwing newspaper balls.  The kids enjoy the familiarity.  They feel successful when they can do something more than once.   Right now some of their favorites are parachute games, throwing games, and any kind of Hide-and-Go-Seek we can think up.  We play quiet group games, like Bingo, too.    Occasionally,  with our one to one ratio, we are able to divide up and play a game just with our Mommy!  

We NEVER play competitive games with our little ones. at Mommy and Me.  We find ways to make our games cooperative.  That way the little ones can focus on the enjoyment of the game ,and not whether or not their friend is faster, stronger, or throws better.

I do feel learning to lose or win graciously is a valuable skill.  But it is one I practice at home with my 3 year old, without the pressure of peers and their mommies' eyes upon him.  There are lots of opportunities in family life to learn how to be a good winner or a good loser.  And as they get older, plenty of teachable moments in and outside of the safety net of family.     

Art Activity

Each week we have an art activity that relates to the book.  I try to make sure that the art activity is more process than product oriented.  (Meaning the "what they are doing" is more valuable than "what it looks like" when they are finished).   We paint, craft, color, glue, cut, string, and explore materials together.  Because we are a Mommy and Me group, we can attempt some messier or more difficult projects that require a one to one ratio. Things that a traditional preschool setting may not be able to duplicate.   (Like painting with our dancing feet)!

The Mommy who signs up to do the art activity, brings all needed materials ready to go.  They are pre-sorted so that she can hand each Mommy and Me pair the materials they need for the complete project.  We try really hard not to have lag time between activities.  We don't want the little "me-s" to lose interest.   Sometimes the Mommy in charge of art brings a sample, but not always.  It is really just if a guideline is needed for the Mommies to know how to help our little ones.  It is never something the children are expected to copy EXACTLY.  At 3 years old, we are really just focused on enjoyment and exploration.   So if they want to color their penguin purple or neon green, great!  They want to use the circles for the snowman's ears instead of eyes, awesome!    If they are like my son last week and don't want to do any art projects "EVER EVER AGAIN" then we watch the fun our friends are having and save the materials for later.  :)