Friday, July 2, 2010

Snack Time

I am gradually adding explanations to each part of our day.   Hopefully I will have them all up soon for those of you who are hoping to duplicate this with your friends where you live! I have already posted info about circle time and gathering activity. 

Snack time is probably one of the little ones' favorite parts of Mommy and Me.  They laugh and talk with each other and eat yummy food.   Snacks are usually theme related and most of the time are healthy.  I try to plan only one sweet treat a month.  (But sometimes, the ideas are just too cute to resist and we have two).  As with the other activities, the moms take turns bringing the snack.  Sometimes we have a cooking activity and the children help make the snack.  Other times it is ready to go when we start snack. 

Here is some other basic info about snack.  We have a class set of plates and cups that the children use each week, so that we can keep Mommy and Me as "green" as possible.  We usually only bring snack for the children.  Mainly because it is simpler to make 6 olive penguins than it is to make 12.   The children eat snack and talk with one another, and it gives the mommies a chance to catch up.  We make sure that our conversations are appropriate for little ears, but it is really the only time during the class that we have personal conversations.  The rest of class is completely focused on our children.


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