Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Rainbow of My Own

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All of our activities this week were inspired by the wonderful children's book, A Rainbow of My Own by Don Freeman. 

Gathering Activity: Rainbow Colored Spaghetti Noodles

I loved these rainbow colored spaghetti noodles when I saw them on The Imagination Tree blog.  I knew they had to be part of our rainbow day.  We followed the directions found on their blog to make them.  

Our kids had a great time with this wonderful sensory activity.  They were extremely engaged with the rainbow colored spaghetti noodles.  They squished, smelled, and yes, even tasted these noodles.  I didn't notice this on the Imagination Tree's blog, but that was the first thing our little ones did, stick it immediately in their mouths. (Thank goodness they are nontoxic).  Even our little ones who are pretty hesitant with most sensory activities got into the messy fun!  Our hands were VERY oily afterwards, but that was easily remedied with soap and water.

Circle Time


We read the Don Freeman classic,  A Rainbow of My Own.  (If you are unfamiliar with this author, he also wrote Corduroy).  The story is sweet and simple.  A child sees a rainbow and chases it, until it disappears.  Then the child imagines that the rainbow returns to play and belongs just to the child.  Each picture depicts delightful scenes of pretend as the child plays with the rainbow.  When the child returns home, a rainbow is on the wall of the child's bedroom, made from the sun shining through a fish bowl.  I love how the story never really indicates a specific gender, leaving the readers to picture themselves as the main character. 

We sang this cute song by Jean Warren. 
Sung to: "I'm a Little Teapot"
There's a great, big rainbow
In the sky,
With pretty colors
Way up high.
When it starts to rain
And the sun comes out-
A beautiful rainbow
Will pop out!

Snack: Rainbow Fruit Pizza

One of the moms made a large fruit pizza shaped like an arc using sugar cookie dough as the crust.  She topped it with cream cheese frosting and then fruit.  We  cut each child a slice so that they could  all have a rainbow of their own.

Art: Rainbow Art Collages


We made our own by providing the children with pre-drawn and colored rainbows on half sheets of poster board and pre-color-sorted collage supplies.  (My 4 and 7 year old sons colored the rainbows for us before class).

 The children color matched an assortment of stickers, felt, paper, feathers, pom poms, ribbon, and foam pieces onto the rainbow.  

The kids enjoyed this project and really got the concept of matching the colors.  However, the size of the rainbow was too large to hold about half of our kids' interest, and we had a couple of moms left alone to finish the project at the end. I would recommend  one-fourth of a poster board if I was to repeat the activity.

Activities:Rainbow Streamers and Bubbles

1-Rainbow Streamers: We danced outside with Rainbow Wind Streamers that we made by following the directions on one of my very favorite blogs, Toddler Approved.  I love that these used surveying tape instead of paper streamers.  They were durable and we can use them again and again!

2-Rainbow Bubbles: We blew bubbles outside and looked for rainbows in the bubbles.  It was a beautiful day where we lived.  Perfect for creating memories with our little ones.

You can sing this cute Rainbows in My Bubbles song found here on Preschool Music Express. 

Tune:  “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round The Mountain”
I’ve got rainbows in my bubbles, yes I do.
I’ve got rainbows in my bubbles, yes I so.
When I blow up towards the sun,
They have rainbows, every one.
I’ve got rainbows in my bubbles, yes I do.
                                               Jean Warren



Wow I love all the activities to go along with the book that you read. I will have to see if my library has it, I think the girls would really enjoy reading this book. We made color wheel collages similar to your rainbow collages a few years ago with our art group. It was fun to see how each child filled theirs in.

~Michelle @ A Mommy's Adventures


Such a delightful way to extend this book! I just love the art and movement connections. Thanks for linking it up to our love books collection!

Jackie Higgins

I love these ideas-- especially the fruit pizza! That is so cute! I did this book last week too! We made a rainbow handprint
Oh, and I love the songs you did too. My boys will love those.


We too read this book and I love all your activities! The pizza looks yummy! And the rainbow collages look so fun and I am sure every one was unique!

Stopping by from Read. learn. Explore

JDaniel4's Mom

What wonderful rainbows! I love the rhyme you ended this post with too.!

Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.


What great ideas! I LOVE the rainbow pizza. I can't wait to make one for my little ones. Thanks for sharing!


Wow! This is a wonderful collection of activities. I especially like the rainbow streamers, and the two songs. I've got the "Rainbows in my Bubbles" tune stuck in my head now. :-)

Thanks for sharing all of these ideas at the Kid's Co-op!


I'm going to have to see if our library has that book... I know my girls would love it! And that rainbow fruit pizza... what a pretty & yummy snack!


My daycare children made the rainbow in a bag. We used the colored twizzlers and gold coins and some rolos and made rainbows with the gold. We counted and talked about colors and color mixing


This is a great classic children's book. I use it as an example of how sometimes even adults make mistakes, the rainbow colors are out of order in this book (and several others books too). The children love this and love to see if the other books with rainbows are made the correct way or if they are out of order. Makes them feel so smart- which, of course, they are!!


I love this post! absolutely wonderful extension of the book (which I've never seen before! I'm putting that on my too read list right away!)

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