Thursday, November 15, 2012

Book Review

Book Love: Help Your Child Grow from Reluctant to Enthusiastic Reader by Melissa Taylor 

I am very excited to share with you this wonderful book and resource written by one of my very favorite bloggers, Melissa Taylor from Imagination  As a former elementary school teacher, and creator of Mommy and Me Book Club, I often get asked questions about how to help children learn to love to read.  I get asked how to help children who are frustrated, bored, or downright combative about having to read.  I now know how to answer these questions, I will tell them to read Book Love.  It is a wonderful book filled with great tips that teachers use in their classrooms. Now you can learn them so that you can use them at home.  There are flashcards, games, book lists divided by interest topics, and online resources.  Ideas are included for improving comprehension, fluency, phonics and learning site words.   There are even short assessments that you can do yourself at home with your child, to try and determine the cause of your child's frustration, and then gives you ideas to help alleviate those concerns!  

Taylor goes in depth to the 4 main reasons children give for not liking to read. 

1-Too boring
2-Too tricky
3-Too blurry
4-Too "sitty"

Then she gives practical, easy solutions all contained within her book.  I think my very favorite are the discussion questions she suggests you ask your child, to help determine their real feelings about reading.  And of course, her suggestion to create a Book Club.  :) 

The book is a short read, but filled with useful ideas and information on every page.  I think parents of children ages 4-10 would find this information very helpful.  I don't have anyone who dislikes reading yet at my house, but I found lots of new ideas and games I want to play with my 3 children.  And some fun games that you might see us play one day soon in Mommy and Me Book Club!  

Melissa is offering some neat gifts when you purchase her book this week in celebration of her book launch, so head over to Imagination Soup for all the details! There are free printables available to everyone who purchases the book and you can even enter to win several other gifts including books and gift cards! 

 The kindle edition is available today at !  


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