Monday, October 22, 2012

Charlotte's Web Sensory Bin

My son's kindergarten's class is reading Charlotte's Web by E.B White as part of an integrated farm unit this month.  I couldn't resist making this fun sensory bin for one of the centers.  

I used deer corn as the base.  It was inexpensive.  I only needed 1/2 of a bag.  I gave the other half to another kindergarten class.

I was able to find a little doll from the Dollar Tree to represent Fern and this great Wilbur pig there, as well. 

Charlotte and Templeton were both found at Wal-mart. 

At Michaels, I found these great wooden boxes with lids to use as scoops. 

In the book, Charlotte's Web, Charlotte writes special words in her web.  I wrote all of the sight words that the class had covered this quarter on to laminated webs and added those to the box.

Did you have any book inspired fun this week?  Link up on our Children's Bookshelf below!


Momand Kiddo

Oooh, I think I might just be too creeped out by the spiders! I'm a cliche, I know!

Miss Courtney

Absolutely brilliant! I love the sight words on the spider webs.


It would freak me out to have a spider hiding among the deer corn, but my four-year-old would LOVE it. He is obsessed with spiders. We read Charlotte's Web earlier this year, and Charlotte was his favorite character.

Bethany @ No Twiddle Twaddle

Cute! What a fun idea to celebrate Charlotte's Web. We have started Charlotte's Web a number of times with our preschooler but never gotten very far. I bet he would like a sensory bin though!

Jackie@My Little Bookcase

What a wonderful sensory tub for such a much-loved classic. This would be particularly great for children who are just being introduced to 'chapter books'.

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