Friday, February 3, 2012

Three Little Kittens

This week our activities were inspired by the book  Three Little Kittens illustrated by Paul Galdone.


This was a wonderful sensory activity. We froze water and paint in an ice cube tray the night before using several different colors of paint. We let the children ice paint while wearing a pair of mittens.  They loved it! 



We read The Three Little Kittens by Paul Galdone. 


We sang the song "Mittens on My Hands"
(Sung To: 'Wheels on the Bus')

The mittens on my hands
Keep me warm
Keep me warm
Keep me warm
The mittens on my hands
Keep me warm
All Winter long!

Art: Hanging Kittens with Mittens

This activity needs lots of prep, but they are so very cute! 

We used the templates found here at  danielle's place We found it easiest if the ears, nose, mittens, etc... were precut before class.  And if the head, body, legs, and tails were already attached as one piece with a stapler so they can paint them easily. 

Make the cat that is featured below with the following modifications:
1-Let the children paint their preassembled cats.

2-Use glue to add the eyes, ears, nose, whiskers, mouth. 

3-Provide precut colored construction paper mittens for the children to place on their kittens hands when finished.  

Snack: Pie...of course!

We had individual fruit pies for each child. 

Activities: Mitten Sorting and Mitten Bean Bag Toss

Mitten Sorting: Everyone brought as many pairs of mittens and gloves as we could find.  We let the children ”hunt for” matches for the mittens.  

Mitten Bean Bag Toss:
We made bean bags out of mittens and gloves with no matches. We filled the mittens and gloves with beans and sewed up the ends.  (Hint:  It was easiest to fill them by using a funnel from a home canning kit).  

To play, place 3 empty pie tins in a row in front of a laundry basket.  Let the children take turns throwing the mittens and gloves in.   



So so cute! Can I copy a few images with a link back to your site? I'm working on a three kittens post right now and I love these ideas!


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