Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems

Gathering: Shape Bus 

Materials Needed: construction paper and glue sticks

1-We used the pattern found here on the All Kids Network site.

2-Cut out the pieces for the activity before class.
3-Allow the children to assemble the bus using the pieces provided.


Read Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems

If you have followed my blog for long,you know that I LOVE Mo Willems!  And this is a perfect read aloud for Twos and Threes!  Pigeon begs the reader to allow him to drive the bus. He pleads,he bargains, and he demands.  The children had so much fun telling the Piegon "NO!" after each page! 

Of course we had to  sing “The Wheels on the Bus.” We added a verse  to the end, and we let the Pigeon drive the bus.  "The Pigeon on the bus, he drives, drives, drives..."

Art:  Handprint Pigeon

Materials Needed:Light Blue paint, large google eyes,yellow paper beaks,white construction paper collar, and orange crayons

1-Make a handprint with the blue paint.

2-Add a google eye,beak, and collar.

3-Draw two legs.

We found this great craft idea here on Creating and Teaching.  

Snack: Pigeon Rice Krispie Treats and Cheese Buses

These were so easy and so cute! Make your favorite rice krispie recipe and add just a couple of drops of blue food coloring. Shape into balls to make the pigeons' heads.  Add candy corn beaks and chocolate chip eyes!  

We used a bus cookie cutter to cut yellow cheese buses.

Activity: Let the Pigeons Drive the Bus

Create a 2 sided traffic sign (one side red for stop and one side green for go)

We let the children play a modified Red Light, Green Light.  We let them pretend to drive the bus when it was green and had them stop when the sign was red.  No one was sent back to the start.  They just had fun running.   They also took turns holding the sign.



I LOVE this entire lesson! Thank you for sharing!


What fun activities! We love this book! My son would seriously play Red light, green light all day if I would let him!


These are such fun ideas! I love the cookie cutter cheese and the pigeon handprint craft.

The Monko

what great activities. I think I'll try the bus cut out with Goblin. He really likes vehicles so it will be interesting to see whether that inspires an accurate image or something more in the realm of Picasso


Wonderful ideas! My little ones will be playing the red light green light game today! I think we will also make the bus! Thanks for the great ideas!

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