Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can You Come Out To Play?

I am hosting a 30 Day Come Out and Play Challenge in the month of April for parents. Basically, we as parents or care providers promise to play outside at least 30 minutes with our little ones EVERY DAY.  Rain Or Shine!  I would love to have you join us!  I have set up a separate blog, so that this one about preschool books can remain about our book club.  But I would LOVE to have my followers check out the challenge and join us.  And invite your friends.  Details on how to join are found below.  But please click through and comment on the other blog to join the challenge.

*If you would like to accept the challenge to play outside EVERY DAY in the month of April, please comment on the Can You Come Outside to Play?  blog post and become a follower of that blog.   Also share your FAVORITE place to play outside as a child. At the end of April I will ask you to post again if you met the challenge.  There will be a drawing for an Amazon Gift Card. 

*We will share ideas throughout the month of April on how to reach this goal.  We will include books and blogs about the benefits of outdoor play. If you have a book or blog you think we should highlight, please message me at daniellescribner at 

*Each week I will also host a "Weekly Virtual Play Date."   Something that we all do in our separate locations.  On Sundays, I will add a link-up where you can share pictures and blog posts about your outdoor play that previous week, if you wish.  This isn't required.   

*For it to count, I think the playtime should be at least 30 minutes total that day.  (Although much more would be ideal). At the end of the month your child(ren) will have been outdoors at least 900 minutes! 
*We will be reading books about outside for our Book Clubs in April!  Hope you enjoy! 


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