Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snuggle Puppy

Special Instructions: Bring a shoebox covered with wrapping paper and a Valentine card for each Mommy and Me friend.  

Gathering Activity: Doggie Valentine Boxes

We made these adorable puppy boxes to hold our valentine cards.  We printed the pieces off in black and white and let the children color them.  The Mommies had to do the gluing part on the boxes.

Then the kids delivered their cards to each other.

Circle Time: Snuggle Puppy by Sandra Boynton

At the beginning of the year, I asked each of the moms to send in a list of their favorite books.  Snuggle Puppy by Sandra Boynton was on almost everyone's list.  I love this sweet book, and saved it for a special Valentines' Day treat!  The book is a little song from a parent to a child saying how much they love the child.  We read the story in circle time.  There is a CD available that includes the music and lyrics to the book, so after we read,  we listened to the song.  If you don't have the CD, you can also find it at .  (Warning: This song is very catchy and gets stuck in your head all day long)!   We each chose a puppy dog to snuggle with while we read the story.

We also sang the song "H-E-A-R-T" to the tune of Bingo.  I had written the letters on hearts and the children took turns taking on heart away after each time we sang.  It made it easier for them to keep up with the song.

"There is a shape and it means love and Heart is it's name-o. "H-E-A-R-T,  
H-E-A-R-T,  H-E-A-R-T, and Heart is it's Nameo."  Repeat leaving off a letter each time.  Blow kisses for each missing letter.  (adapted from here).

Art:  Valentine Conversation Heart Art
Materials Needed:  Glue dyed pink, hearts cut out of posterboard, sponge brushes, candy conversation hearts.

1-Paint the heart pink with the glue.

2-Place the conversation hearts on to the painted heart.

3-Dry flat.

Snack: Rice Krispie Hearts, Apples, and Strawberries

Games: Conversation Heart Games

1-Conversation Heart Scooping: We practiced scooping skills by moving hearts from one bowl into another.  Simple fun, great fine motor skill practice.

2-Large Conversation Heart Stacking: We built towers with the large conversation hearts and counted how many we could stack before they fell.

3-Valentine Sensory Box : We explored and scooped heart shaped gems, pom poms, balls, sparkly letters, and heart boxes. 


Melissa N.

Hi, a new follower here.stopping over from Preschool Corner! You all did similar activities to us this week! Enjoy your weekend....

Elle Belles Bows

Hi! Stopping over from Preschool Corner! Great idea for a Mommy and Me Book Club! I will also be checking out the book for my little one. I love finding new books! Kerri

JDaniel4's Mom

I love everything you did! The party, the sensory box, and crafts. I will have to look for the book you mentioned.


I love this book! Great activities to match it up with valentine's. I love your blog, it provides me with lots of inspiration!


We love this book! Thanks for sharing the great ideas!


I just adore how you host a "Preschool Party" each week in your house- you must be a MAJOR blessing to many parents (and kiddos) out there!

Polly @ Pieces by Polly

Hi Danielle,

I got your email and would love to have you join in our Read-Along...but your email wasn't attached to your comment and I can't find it here on your blog. If you can reply to this with your email, then I can get you put on the schedule. Right now, I could fit you in this Thursday or Friday...or anytime after the 22nd if that works better for you. Just let me know.

And I'll go back and include a link here on that Sandra Boynton post I did. Thanks for sharing the great activities.

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