Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stranger in the Woods

Gathering Activity
Newspaper Snowball Fight and Snowman Building

Materials Needed: Recycled Newspaper and Recycled Tissue Paper (leftover from the holidays). 2 white garbage bags, eyes, nose, buttons made from construction paper,tape, a hat and a scarf.

1-As the children arrive, have them help you make "snowballs" with the paper.  This always leads to a fun indoors snowball fight with our mommies. 

2-When the snowball fight has died down, have the children help you fill two plastic garbage bags with the "snowballs."  These will make large "snowballs" for an indoor snowman.

3-Tie the two bags together.

4-Allow the children to add a face, buttons, and accessories.

5-Enjoy your snowman friend during circle time and other activities during Mommy and Me that day!

Circle Time:  
Stranger in the Woods by Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick

Stranger in the Woods is one of my favorite books.  It is beautifully illustrated with real photographs of wildlife in the snowy woods. The animals are pictured enjoying a special treat left by children:  a snowman decorated with yummy treats for the birds, deer, and squirrels to eat.  My son is currently obsessed with birds and so this is one of his favorites, as well.  It is a fun read aloud if you give different voices to each of the animals. 
After reading the book, we counted snowmen using flannel board snowmen. We sang 3 different songs and finger plays.  5 Little Snowmen Standing in a Row , Once There Was a Snowman, and A Chubby Little Snowman. 

Pinecone Peanut Butter Birdfeeders

Materials Needed: Peanut Butter (or crisco, if you work at a peanut free school), 1 plastic knife and plate per child, 1 pine cone per child (rub edges on driveway to make the points dull and easier for small hands to handle), bird seed, string, garbage bag, and 1 plastic bag per child

1-Tie the string around the top of the pine cone BEFORE you spread the peanut butter. 
2-Allow the children to cover their pinecones with peanut butter.  We scooped some on each child's plates so that they wouldn't have to share the jar.

3-Bring the pinecones outside.  Roll the pinecones in a pile of birdseed that has been poured into a plastic bag.  (Helps sooo much with clean up).

4-Place each completed bird feeder in a plastic bag to take home.

5-Hang your bird feeder in a place where your child can watch his animals friends enjoy.

Rice Cake Snowmen and Snow Cones

Rice Cake Snowmen

Materials Needed: Each child will need: 3 mini rice cakes, cream cheese, 2 chocolate chip eyes, 1 carrot sliver,  3 raisin buttons.
Directions: Allow the children to assemble their snowmen anyway they choose and enjoy!

Snow Cones: One of the mommies had a snow cone machine.  We shaved the ice and allowed the children to scoop it into their cups and add their own flavoring.  It was a fun treat!

Shaving Cream Snow Art

Materials Needed: Shaving Cream with a mild scent, lots of water and cloths for clean up :)

Directions:  Pour 3 balls of shaving cream on the table in the form of a snowman for each child.  Allow them to "finger paint" in the shaving cream snow.  We drew letters and pictures with our children to encourage them to explore the shaving cream.  This activity was more enjoyable for some of our kids than others. Some are more tactile and enjoy the feeling of new textures, a couple were a little hesitant.


Lots of Fun with My FaMiLy

I love the idea of a Mommy & Me bookclub. I have looked back through some of your older posts and you have read some great books and done some even better activities! Not to mention had some tasty looking snacks. I look forward to seeing how the rest of your year goes.
Your newest follower,


What a great book. I have never seen it before and will now have to request it at the local bookstore. Thanks


I have no idea where you are located, but I wish you were my neighbor. What an awesome idea!


Thanks for the comment (at Tons of Fun!)
I love your book club idea! I now follow! I have been wanting to start something like this with some friends but so far nothing has been done yet. Someday!


We love that book! I love the activities you did to go along with it, so creative!


Ohh I so need to make one of those bird feeders! I have never made one because I have always worked in peanut free schools. My son would love it.

Thanks for the inspiration and linking it.

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