Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mouse Paint

Special Instructions:  Wear your swimsuit, bring a towel, and dry clothes 
Gathering Activity: We will make mouse ears together and read stories about mice in the living room.

Circle Time:Read Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh. Sing mouse themed songs and finger plays. 
(Please see Circle Time Instructions Tab for complete info)
Art Activity:
Materials Needed: Predrawn simple mouse outlines, watercolor paint boxes for each child, paint brushes, pink pom poms, googly eyes, glue, small cups of water for rinsing brushes.

Directions: Use paint brushes to paint like the mice did in the story.  Allow the children to explore as the mix the water colors together.  Discuss with them what colors they see as they mix together. Allow them to use glue to add a pom pom nose and googly eyes.

Snack: Strawberry Mice and Cheese cubes

Materials Needed: A large sheet of white poster board for each child, 3 disposable13x9 pans each filled with red, yellow, or blue paint, and a swimming pool labeled "CAT."
Directions: Allow the children to step into the paint (WITH ADULT HELP) and then dance on the paper.  This is fun and slippery, and must have a great deal of adult supervision!  When they finish their creations, they can wash down to a nice soft clean in the pool water.


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