Friday, February 24, 2012

Little Owl Lost

Our activities this week were inspired by the book Little Owl Lost by Chris Haughton. 

Gathering Activity: Mommy and Child Owl Memory Game 

We printed a copy of this adorable owl themed memory game from Mama's Monkeys.  It is offered as a free download. We prepared one for each mom and child pair to play as we gathered, and then they took them home to play as well.  These were a big hit with our little ones! 

Circle Time

We read Little Owl Lost by Chris Haughton.  This was a new find for me, and is now one of the most read books in our collection.  It is a very familiar theme, a bird falls out of a tree and gets lost.  Other animals help him find his Mommy.  However, Haughton's take on a familiar theme is fresh.  The pictures are bright and bold and simple.  Our little ones laughed aloud when the frog helping the baby owl find the mommy kept choosing the wrong mommy.  They enjoyed joining in for the repetitive parts of the story.  The moms loved that the mommy owl cries for joy when she finds her baby.  Then she invites the search party back for cookies.  It was loved by both moms and toddlers. Now my two year old daughter loves to pretend she is the owl falling out of the tree ALL the time.  It is very sweet.

Owl Fingerplays:
(Tune of Skip to my lou)
Owl in the tree says, "Who, who, who."
Owl in the tree says, "Who, who, who."
Owl in the tree says, "Who, who, who.
Who, who, are you?"

5 Little Owls-Fingerplay

5 little owls on a moonlit night 5 little owls are quite a sight.
5 little owls Are you keeping score? One flew away! And then there were 4.
4 little owls Happy as can be, One flew away! Then there were 3.
3 little owls Calling "Whoo! Whoo!" One flew away! And that left two.
2 little owls having lots of fun. One flew away! And that left 1.
1 little owl We are almost done. He flew away! And that leaves none.
Both of these were found here:

Art: Paper Plate Owls 

The Mommy in charge of the art project this week had a sick little one, so she couldn't make it.  I pulled together supplies we had on hand.  

Materials Needed: Two paper plates, one whole and one cut in half,  2 white cupcake liners, black paint, magenta circles for the eyes and magenta triangle nose, turquoise paper napkins torn into strips or ric rac, glue, stapler

1-Staple the half plates onto the whole plate to create the body and wings of the owl.

2-Allow the children to paint the plates.   (We only had blue on hand, but I recommend black to make the owl look like the one in the book).

3- Glue the cupcake liners on the owl to make eyes.  Glue magenta circles inside. Glue on triangle nose.

4-Glue down the strips of paper napkins to create feathers.  (I had planned on using ric rac, but only had napkins on head.  They still worked, but didn't really look like the owl in the book).

Snack: Owl Sandwiches
The kids loved making these cute owl sandwiches.  You can find out how to make them here.  

Activities: Owl Bean Bag Toss

I could not resist this idea for an adorable owl bucket I saw on Oriental Trading Company. We made our own and the kids had a great time throwing bean bags into the bucket.  To make your own, follow the directions here.


Amanda LaMartina

Thanks for posting all your owl activities! I recently started up a baby book club, and your post really helped me come up with some ideas for Little Owl Lost. Thanks again!

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