Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Napping House

Special Instructions: Wear your favorite pajamas and bring a flashlight.

Gathering Activity: We sat on blankets and read stories about bedtime with our moms.

Circle Time: We read The Napping House by Audrey and Don Wood.  We sang songs about rain and nap time.  We had plush animal versions of each of the story book characters and acted out the story over and over and over again. Each child took a turn being different animals. So many giggles!

Art Activity:  Marshmallow Rainbows

Materials Needed: Pastel colored mini marshmallows, glue, pre-drawn rainbow outlines.

Instructions: Help your child pour the glue in one part of the rainbow and fill with coordinating rainbow color.  Repeat until all sections are filled.

Snack:  Snack Houses and of course, leftover mini marshmallows (because it would be cruel not to let them eat them).
Materials needed: Create individual kits for each child:
9 wheat things per child, 1 cheese triangle for roof, 1 small cheese rectangle for chimney, 1 large rectangle for door, 1 raisin for door knob.
Instructions: Allow each child to assemble their homes and then enjoy! 

Playtime Activity: We played 3 games.
Who is Under the blanket? : We had a stuffed animal to represent each of the characters in the story.  The children took turns leaving the room with their mom and return to guess which animal is hiding under the blanket.

Sleeping Animals: Each child pretends to be one of the characters sleeping and tries to lie as still as possible when the game leader calls out. "Go to sleep!" until the game leader calls out "Ouch a wakeful flea bit me!"  then everyone jumps up and makes the sound of his or her animal.

Make a Rain Storm: We used a rain stick, instruments, and flashlights to make a rain storm.  The children brought a flash light from home.    We took turns doing all of the parts of the storm.


Creative Fun Mum

Love your activities especially the Sleeping Animals. We also worked on The Napping House such a lovely book.


These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing. We love this book!

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